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Practical tools and strategies for unprecedented times. 

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After studying and practicing psychology, yoga, and meditation, I have not only a broad range of tools to support you but also create a safe space to help you find what strategies work best for you. I have worked through my own ADHD, relationship, and career struggles so I know where you are coming from. I look forward to coaching you on your journey!

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  • Weekly Meditation Sessions



Elissa Klein, JD, MA

Coach and meditation guide

As a former lawyer and marriage family therapist, Elissa has taken those skills along with yoga, meditation, and coaching to provide a comprehensive coaching experience. She can find the tools and strategies that will work for you as an individual. All programs are customized to your needs.

CONTACT @ [email protected]

"What Elissa offers and brings to your practice is compassion, empathy, honest feedback along
with real tools for growth and change."

Lori W.

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